Monday, November 5, 2012

Project Review: Hellraiser Pitch Materials 2008

 For this 3D Logo I used some parts from the Lamont Box Puzzle Cube I built, and mirrored the wood and brass construction method.

A Sub-Surface wax shader from Cebas provided the basis for this inner lit version. I also used the great procedural coral shader from Darkling Simulations Simbiont Max plug in here.

 A version with a pinhead texture and 3D pins covering the surface.

 The first round of the meat version was stylized up a bit to make the red a bit candy like[ eww!]

 Here is the favorite with an outer skin added to the meat log pinned up

Project Review
Pitch Materials 2008

Client: N/A we were pitching a re-boot
Art Director: Calvin Sumler.
Project Date: June 2008-November 2008.

Every now and then a pitch for a film will come from the artists themselves, and this project today is one of those kind of gigs I have had the pleasure of working on.

While at The Cimarron Group, Calvin Sumler from up in the Theatrical Print department at the time was a huge fan of the Hellraiser series and proposed we create some collateral material for a possible re-boot for the franchise, so with the free time I had there, I helped out on the fun.

I proceeded to do a series of logos as well as building out the complex prop known from the film, the Lamont Box, this is the puzzle box that the main villian comes out from, Pinhead.

Today is the first in a mini series on the 3D Illustrations I helped create so they could pitch the reboot, and today we start with some of the logos I designed for the pitches.

Everyones favorite is the meat and skin version pinned to a wall I have posted today, macabre for sure, but what a fun design problem to solve.

I plan to post added images in the weeks to come.

Cheers, THOM

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