Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project Review: Below 2002 PART I

Final Exterior used on One-Sheet and DVD cover

Lower Side view of Submarine

Extreme Up-Angle on sub nearing surface

Hero shot side view ALT

Various Logos using Submarine Parts to construct

Final DVD sleeve 2002

Interior Corridor with "energy" behind door

Finished Corridor used on DVD sleeve

Project Review


Client: Dimension Films via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: Alon Amir
Project Date: 2001

The very first 3D Illustration job I had in the world of Theatrical Advertising came in from BLT and Associates and I worked with the very highly talented Alon Amir on the Below project. I started with just a submarine door, and within a few months, and being hired on full -time, I had built logos, interiors, and a full exterior model of the Baldo class WW II submarine.

The submarine interior corridors were the first production images I did using then the new Global Illumination [GI], method of indirect lighting to achieve the mood of a sunken submarine. I began using the new GI renderer, Final Render from Germany the day it came out.

Built from photos the exterior of the sub took about 8 Hrs to complete. A very enjoyable project as I have now built 6 different submarines.

You can see the exterior of the sub was used for the Theatrical One Sheet, as well as the DVD cover. The client also used the corridor image on the spine, and back of the DVD as well.

Cheers, THOM
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