Friday, November 30, 2012

3D Model Sales Part V 1960's Retro Mission Control Computer Desk

The main shot of the Retro NASA Mission Control Desk smoothed.

Here are the wires for the same view showing this is an all quad model for added details.

A Birdseye down angle on the top of the desk. I left room for the coffee up front to spill on those keys!

A Close Up shot of the back area of the desk with the main monitors and scope up front.

A 3/4 side view showing the little details in the fasteners for the various modular plates I designed.

The wire frame render showing how I built the parts. I dished out the knobs to help with the flat top shading that you would get with just a simple cylinder. A little irregularities always helps with the realism.

 Here the multi view shot shows the 3D Model I sell with the Polygon wires showcased[ No Subdivision added]

3D Model Sales
Part V
1960's Retro Mission Control Computer Desk

Since I've started to post 3D models for sale on Turbo squid again, today I am showcasing a model I have put up for sale of a Retro styled Mission Control Computer Desk today.

I found some photo reference for an old school computer desk from the Apollo landings, and made this virtual replica model to help populate any scene that requires an old computer control desk.
I built out all the farious knobs, screws and grills to fill in the the modular paneled look typical to the computers of the era. I also have added in two small 10" CRT monitors with a heavy curve to the face as was the type found on these Mission Control units with a large bezel as well.

As usual I render the asset out with the subdivision off to show off the quad modeling build to prospective users in a wire frame type of render, as well as fully smoothed too to show the quads increasing in resolution.
I may make a series out of this as a retro hardware setup as I do have a few more items I could add to this, as well as I have a large list of parts that would fit into this type of listing, so look over on Turbosquid in the weeks to come to see.

Cheers, THOM

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