Friday, December 18, 2009

Project Review: X-Men 3 Teaser and Logo Design

X-Men 3 Doorways to continue from X-Men 2 Concepts.

X-Men 3 Type Exploration with Phoenix intro into logo.

Outdoor "X-Energy" Campaign. Building Side, Billboard, and Bus-Side.

The FINISHED Teaser One-Sheet US Market.

BIG GIANT Metal Logo Part II

Client: Fox via. The Cimarron Group
Art Director(s): Calvin Sumler and Joseph Stamper.
Project Date: Summer 2004

Having worked on X-Men 2, I continued along the same path of design that I explored on X Men 2. In fact we sold our designs to Fox partially based on the continuity between the films via the look of all assets used for advertising.

I explored the type and revisited the door concept as well. A 3 in front of the Cerebro Doors to match the 2nd film was the starting point. The tech in 3D had advanced so with this exploration I added in "Caustic Reflections" from the metal creating artifacts and glints of light throughout the scenes. It can be clearly seen in the sheet of 3 Doors, as well as with the Finished One-Sheet.

Once designed we explored outdoor campaigns for the sides of buildings, bus sides, and also freestanding billboards. The idea was that "Energy" blasted throuh leaving only an "X". Never finished though it was a strong concept, IMHO.

The FINISHED Teaser One Sheet ended up with the Wolverine claws representing the 3 over the X. Can't say this was a unique idea, as it was present on many Comic book covers and was decided to be the best solution by the client. The claws are 3D, as well as the metal X, and background. Only the glove is a Photo-shoot and the photography existed already from X-Men 2 and we merely found a good shot of the glove in our own archives from the prior film.

Cheers, THOM

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