Thursday, November 17, 2011

Project Review: Silvestri California Trim a Home 1992

The main gate entryway I helped design for the Trim-a-Home Collection of architectural fixtures at Silvestri Ca.

Inside the Trim-a-Home area looking to the side at the matching post architectural stone[ faux] column overlays.    

Project Review
Silvestri California 
Trim-a-Home Sketches 1992

Client: Silvestri California.Art Director: Bill Daniels.Project Date Fall 1992

In this fifth posting, on work I did back in the early 90's right out of Art Center, for the Fashion Industry Manufacturer of interior design elements for major department stores, Silvestri California, I have a quick 2 sketch posting for you to review.

Bill, had a rough doodle concept to show the fixtures in the specific store in Chicago, so I did these two 11 x 17 velum Marker Renderings for the presentation we sent out for approval.

You may notice that I did the sketch using the ship curves I use to get the fish-eye perspective for a more dramatic view to sell the concept to our clients.

The design were eventually built as the X-mas display that year for 1992.

You can view my alternate Silvestri California work right here.

Cheers, THOM

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