Monday, November 28, 2011

Personal Project: The Bugster Coupe PART I

 My last render of the Bugster, a Personal Design of a Chop Top Custom VW in black with red rims and red interior.

 Beehive tail lights from a 55' Porsche, with body colored bumper blades per the 356 look.

 For now I have a scoop up top on the hood converted to a long decklid, but this is still in progress as I may do a louvered type 38 look.

 I also put beehives up at the horn grills from a 356 Porsche as well on this Bugster Coupe.

 The rear cowl is still not attached, and you can see a line near the door where this meets, but this render helps me evaluate the proportions of the new decklid before I virtually weld this up.

 My 2nd favorite shot reminds me of the old advertisement paintings from the 50's[ note the lip doors from a pre 56' in there]

Personal Project
The Bugster Coupe

Today I have posted the first images on a new personal project that I just started this Thanksgiving weekend 2011, a custom Volkswagen coupe that is a combination of the VW type 1 bug and a Porsche Speedster and highly influenced by the Hebmuller coachbuilts from the era.

I have been a bug fan since I was about 13 and bought my first car at 14, a 1961ish, VW bug, so I have been 'bitten by the bug" and over the years I have owned well over a dozen.

I also am a huge Speedster fan, as my father owned a 1958', bought new from Hoffmans out of NYC, he got me into VW by teaching me engine work etc as the two cars are so similar. I also have owned 3 Porsche replicas so I am very familiar with the two cars.

I have thought for years what would it look like to combing the top and windscreen from a Speedster onto a Coupe bug, with a big decklid like a Hebmuller, so this weekend Herbie, got virtually chopped!

Today I have posted this Work In Progress[ WIP], with the main proportions in there, though I have not 'welded' the metal yet, so I can adjust proportions in color. This alone is the great advantage of chopping a car in 3D, as you can play with the results before you weld it all togeter to make sure you like all lines and proportions.

Look for more posts as I continue with this personal project work in automotive styling.

Cheers, THOM

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