Friday, November 11, 2011

Project Review: Meet the Fockers 3: Little Fockers 3D Title Treatment Designs 2010

 I was asked to do some extreme angles on the type as what you see above was one that finished out.

 This early concept did not make it to the presentation, but it was a fun experiment using just type in two colors only for Little Fockers, the third film in the Meet The Parents trilogy.

 Using the parts from the above Little Fockers comp I moved the camera up top to look down and changed the layout up a bit , and took out Meet the Parents too.

 This was done for the 30-sheet and billboard presentation, they wanted a huger render at 10K wide for this pass.

 This version has the main type on a wall in back with a curved cyclorama feel, with the tag type below at a 45 degree angle.

 The main "Meet the Parents" 3D Logo model is floating above the white wall with the "3" hole cut through, with the main tag inside the three cht-out, floating as well. I upp'ed the color bounce to get the red to bleed a bit more in this pass.

Project Review
Meet the Fockers 3: Little Fockers
3D Title Treatment Designs

Client: Universal Pictures via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Calvin Sumler.
Project Date January 2010.

Some jobs are not about complicated detailed 3D Logos, I have done plenty of those, this job for the third installment of Meet the Parents, aptly called, Little Fockers, was about clean simplicity. 

Red and white in color, and that is it. The font was locked from the prior films, so our basic exercise was to develop a series of 3D takes, or looks on the main title for the Key Art presentations they were doing at The Cimarron Group.

I put a bit if a rounded extrusion to the font for this project, to soften the edge a bit, and I used my Car Paint material I developed using the Final Render Plug-In in 3DSmax. We did positive extrusions and cut outs, big letters, and small, and different planes for each part of the title as well. I even finished this out in 3 other languages.

Now it did end up finishing for some International Poster work, but the US posters were all just a 2D Logos, though the process and working with a great Art Director, like Calvin,  is always a fun deal.

Cheers, THOM

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