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Project Review: Online Emoticons 3D Design and 3D Animation:PART I Chattering Teeth 2007

 The final 3D Design for the main Chattering Teeth Emoticon I did back in 07'

 The base model I made for this design I did all in 3D[ though I do sketch some]

 The subdivided 3D asset with smoothing added the the half of parts that are build as Quads.

 The Sombrero version was rendered at a higher angle to show off the hat more[ as directed].

 The base model with the hat addition included in this alternate concept.

 A fully smoothed out version of the model.

 Here is a Exploded view showcasing all the various parts I made in the creation of this little 3D Animated Character I designed in 2007 while at The Cimarron Group.

Project Review
Online Emoticons 3D Design and 3D Animation
PART I Chattering Teeth 2007

Client: Cimarron Interactive Division.
Art Direction: Scott Addison Clay.
Project Date: May 2007.

Back in 2007, I was still running my 3D Department of 1+ at The Cimarron Group providing 3D Design, 3D Modeling, and 3D Animation services to a full mix of advertising clients in Print, Web, and AV, and for today's posting, I am covering a project where I was tasked with creating some 3D Emoticons for an online project.

An "Emoticon" is an emotional animated Icon we see in e-mails with a little face, but taken to a much higher level to an actual 3D Character design. I was tasked with designed out four to five of these little gems that in final form were only 100 x 150 pixels in size[ a button], and would animate across the screen when you interacted with them.

Fist up in this series, is my PART I, covering the chattering teeth.

I did two versions, as they wanted one plain without a hat, and one with a hat, specifically a Sombrero. I created the base design in just under an hour and began to rig it for the animations and adjustments that would come. I built about half of the file as a subdivision model so I could increase the complexity if they did want it rendered or seen much bigger, but the micro final size of 150 pixels is so small it was not necessary to build it all that way, because as with all 3D jobs, the budget was micro so I had to create this much faster at the lower cost for them, so I went with a fast and dirty approach to the file.

As a 3D Designer trained in Industrial Design The "widget" or product in this case a cartoony styled set of chattering teeth is only the first part of my responsibility, as I must design it to fit the budget and parameters of the project and actually work for a paying client. That is something that goes well beyond a mere deadline on a piece of design or artwork, but the creation of a workable production line to create the 'wdiget' on time, on budget, and approved by the one paying for it.

Look for PART II in the future with a few more of these 3D Animated Emoticons.

                                Cheers, THOM

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