Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project Review Game Show Key Art for X-Box: 2011 PART II

 Here is the new Game Show Set full 3D Illustrated Cover Key Art for Who Wants to be a Millionaire for 2011.

 A very simple back cover frame made from the "2011 Edition" plaque used on the cover art above sized to the screen grab.

  A Lower 3rd type of asset, this Contestant row with stage floor was rendered out and used for the Key Art for the 3rd years offering of 'The Price is Right' X-box cover I have worked on for Nomadic.

 Here is the back cover frames for the assets and description, a quick pick-up render made after the front is signed off on as well.
Here is a line up [again] generously provided to me by my client Greg Orlowski at Nomadic.

Project Review
Game Show Key Art for X-Box: 2011 

Client: Nomadic
Art Director: Greg Orlowski and Wynn Burton.
Project Date: Summer 2011.

In this, my second post for the 2011 versions of Game show Key Art, I have two additional games to review, Who wants to be a Millionaire, and The Price is Right. PART I for 2011 is here.

The main logos for both were reused from the existing logos that were created by me for Greg and Wynn last season.
The X-Box Game Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2011, was a full set and a large build to do. Also, it required the longest rendertime as the entire floor was reflective and refractive, as it was purple plexiglass. Also, the podium is frosted plexiglass, so I used the Sub-Surface-Scattering material in Final Render, there as well to simulate the effect of the lights on the actual podium.

The second was a smaller project with a contestant row with some microphones as well as the old styled "LED" readout in front of the Real Time Characters from the game. I also provided assets for the back covers for the screen grabs from the video game itself, which is a usual pick-up jog after the Key Art for the covers is done.
You can view the 2010: Key Art that I did here.
You can view the 2009: Online game screens for the X-Box titles here.
You can view the 2009 original Key Art here.

Cheers, THOM

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