Friday, December 2, 2011

Project Review: Game Show X-Box Key Art 2011 PART I

 For 2011 I got a new Game Show title from Nomadic, the cover for Hole in Wall, for X-Box.

 Here is the back cover artwork for Hole in Wall, a re-purpose of a few items with a window wall for game shots[ typical]

 Here is the podium[ foreground element] used on the cover Key Art in front of  the 3D real time screen grabbed characters.

Here is the background bulb wall image used behind the foreground podium and characters on the cover for the 2011 edition of Family Feud.

Here is a line up generously provided by my client Greg Orlowski at Nomadic.

Project Review
Game Show Key Art for X-Box: 2011 

Client: Nomadic
Art Director: Greg Orlowski and Wynn Burton.
Project Date: Summer 2011.

I have had the pleasure of doing 3D Illustration work for Nomadic for about 5 years now, and every time, I have alot of fun with the subject matter.

I have done the last few years of Game Show Key Art 3D Illustration for the cover art front and back, so this year I had some additions to the existing logos that were reused from last season.

Today, in  PART I, I cover the Family Feud, and a new title this year, "Hole in Wall". I had a lot of fun working with Greg and Wynn again, a great client, helping to create the 3D assets that are used in their own final comps. We reused the logo, but all the foreground was new.

Next week, I plan to post the last two games shown in the above line up image, I did this season for them as well.

You can view the 2010: Key Art that I did here.

You can view the 2009: Online game screens for the X-Box titles here.
You can view the 2009 original Key Art here.

Cheers, THOM

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