Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project Review: Logo Design for Homes by Farr: PART I

This first pass is always a 2D font picking exercise, with the main looks in both black on white, and white on black to get a general sense of the weight. From this image the craftsman influence came into play as the new direction, so this step , though off base for finish,  helps to pin point that direction.

Upon the direction, I had only one craftsman font installed[ that I owned] so I mocked this up and the direction was right, but we needed a better font.

Mike found a great font and bought it for the project and I developed a few looks and stacking to finalize the process[ a quick one].

 Once I built the 3D Single Point Beveled type for the main logo I did some craftsman gradients as some color tests.

Project Review: 
Logo Designs for Homes by Farr

Client: Mike Farr Owner Homes by Farr.
Art Direction: Collaboration with Mike and I.
Project Date: Summer 2011.

As a designer, I get the opportunity to help out folks with my design skills, and on certain occasions I get to do this for friends as well. These projects are very different since I know the client, so it is a bit of a change up from the "stranger" type of client who is only a professional contact, and this is 95% of my work.

Today is a posting of PART I, on the Corporate Logo I designed for Mike Farr,owner of, Homes by Farr out of Littleton Colorado, where I grew up. Mike is a fellow woodworker like me [ we both met in wood shop in 9th grade] so for this job, we went with a Craftsman style, a joint love of us both.

Today I cover the original designs in picking the font, as well as the first simple gradient color studys I did for a base direction. 

I plan to post the second part, with final 3D rendered logos used on the business cards and Real Estate Yard signs, as well as the website assets, though you can peek at them here.

Cheers, THOM


  1. Wow, I just came across this post (courtesy of my amazing IT man Asher Farr). This so cool! Every time I see my logo I LOVE IT MORE. Thanks Thom!!

  2. Mike,
    Thanks! I plan a PART ii to go up real soon.

    Cheers, THOM