Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project Review: I-Robot [2004]- 3D Gear Logo-PART II

 The Main first design I did of the iRobot 3D Icon Logo in brushed steel with a cool blue reflection.

I did this alt with a black-and-white reflection map and lighting set-up in 3D, so it was mostly monochromatic.

 I then rendered out this fully transparent version. I had done a transparent glass Walther PPK for the bond series at BLT,and this was referenced for the look.

The legibility with glass is a serous issue to deal with so for the next pass I put a wider softer diffused highlight on the face of the logo to cover some details out front. 

This was a post FX built comp in Photoshop, that I had overlay and underlay shuffling with the two versions of steel and glass to create a transparent aluminum captain!

  The base exterior 3D Logo build file in ambient wireframe for iRobot.

 The exploded view shows all the bits and pieces inside this 3D logo. This was referenced for my Astroboy Logo with robot parts inside years latter, as seen here.

Close up details included heat-sinks, gears chains, fans and various resistors etc.

 I scaled and fit these parts to fit inside each letter.

Retainer springs posts and some sub structure was needed inside these letters.

A reverse shot shows the hollow face type that was filled with these pieces.

The chain was comp'ed in fast so I did not go fully around the gear[ not enough time].

I also did this alternate, a reverse with the type cut fully thru the "I-box". This is the steel render. 

The transparent version with a very electric blue based on the light color on the robots from a film shot we finally received to match color to.
 Another combo version with metal and glass rendered out and painted over in Photoshop by the AD's

 I did a final version for this type layout with a volumetric light coming out of the 'type hole' in this darker 3D render of the 3D Logo for iRobot I did back in 2004.

Project Review
3D Gear Logo

Client: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. Via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Chad Robertson and Calvin Sumler.
Project Date: Late Fall 2003.

My first job for The Cimarron Group was to do some 3D logos for the upcoming i-Robot feature with Will Smith. I had worked with Chad Robertson over at BLT so this was a continuation of our working relationship, just now moved over to another company, so we explored transparent logos with gears and misc. machinery inside the type.

Today I cover in detail that first concept I did in PART II.

I was asked to build out a hollow logo with robot parts inside, so as usual I was given the type layout, this time as a bitmaps, so I used Vector-Magic to convert it to an Illustrator file to build off of,and I proceeded to fill the logo with parts.

None of the logos finished, but it was a good exercise that helped work out some challenges with transparent logos that were used a few more times over the following years.

You can review my first post with a small overview here.

Look for more posts on this project in the future.

Cheers, THOM

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