Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Project Review: 3D TItle treatments for George Lopez: It's not me it's you-2012

 On this the first pass at a 3D Logo for George Lopez, I used a font I have used for Comedy properties before, a big fat inflated soft look for the main Title treatment, with the tag line done in brushed gold below the bright red. I added green to the radial blur out back to feel like a light effect like caustics.

 A more elegant and simple approach here with gold brushed letter fonts in 3D with a slight reflective dark floor below with a bit of a blurred reflection on it as well.

 The green and red here were put into neon tube outlines on the title for this 3D logo pass.

Looking up with a dramatic angle on this Golden logo with a holding edge out back over brushed metal. You will notice I 'wedged' the extrusion to a point on this one as well.

 A stacked Logo with big-n-little set up with a small font tagline.

 Another 3D Design this time I extruded in at a curved down, and added some fish eye to the lens via the renderer I use Final Render.

Project Review
3D Title treatments for George Lopez
It's not me it's you-2012

Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: May 2012.

Back in 2012 I was asked to do a half-day set of renders for a HBO comedy special for George Lopez, who had a new special, It's not me It's you, and I was asked to create as much as I could in just 4 hours. This was a test job of a half day, something I have done before to ease into working with 3D for new clients.

I was given basic direction and was only asked to make the 3D logos big and metal textures, with hints of the Mexican flag colors with Green and Red in the designs. I went to work and created this set of logos.

A quick half day of work, that sadly never went anywhere, and I did not receive compensation for. One of just two jobs in a 24 year career that I got stiffed on. It happens, just do your best to minimize it. Fun work though none the less.

Cheers, THOM

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