Monday, July 15, 2013

Personal Project Review: Craftsman Hallway 2008

 The Main shot first frame render in this testing Hallway design

 A vintage sepia/black and white shot of the hallway.

This ambient render shows what I built out int his virtual set.

 A close-up on the vintage ceiling fans I built[ also for sale on Turbo Squid by my former employer]

 An ambient render of the ceiling fan. 
NOTE this render hows the artifacts in the blades[ pre- SDS]

 A close up on the five-panel doors and vintage glass handled door locks.

 A view of the door handle details in the ambient render material. I beveled every edge in this scene to catch light on the edges.

Personal Project Review
Craftsman Hallway 2008

I built this hallway out for a variety of tests as well as some promotion work while running the in-house 3D Design Department at the Cimarron Group from 2003-2009, and today we will review this little project.

The design itself is patterned after the beautiful Craftsman I woned in Southern California and copied the design details from this 1911 Arts ad Crafts Grand Craftsman Bungalow in this virtual hallway.

I built this virtual set out for a few reasons ,one being a place to showcase the vintage 3D models I sold at Cimarron that are still available online here.

I also used the scene to promote 3D Architectural rendering services to the clients we had at Cimarron as well.

I also used this for my own internal render and lighting tests. I would experiment with render-times, anti-aliasing setting, 3D animations, camera FX, and general lighting practice.

A fun proejct I re-visit to do tests on occasionally still. 

Posting will be light this week as the Studio is Relocating.
Thank you for your patience.

Cheers, THOM

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