Friday, May 17, 2013

Project Review Launch City Part X[Ten] Launch City Redesign: Retro Streamliner Train Design

Here is the final screen render from 2000 that I designed and built out in 3D directly that showcases the streamliner styled polished metal train car.

An alternate shot with the Streamlined Train moving out with a second line bringing up the rear.

A full city shot from Issue #44 with the simpler trains in the city elevated on up on the center and left side of the panorama.

A Polygon render showing the build out of the Train car at a 3/4 side view.

An elevated shot of the nose of this streamlined train car.

A 3/4 back view of the Train from Launch City [1999-2000]

A side view showing the 'submarine' windows as the VW 21-23 window folks call them up on top as mini personal skylights.

This shot shows the rolled belly pan typical on all early Silver Stream and Airstream trailers.

 Project Review
Launch City Part X[Ten]
Launch City Redesign: Retro 'Streamliner' Train Design

Client: Launch Media Inc.
Art Director: Myself
Project Date: 1999

This is my 10th posting on the redesign work I did back in Y2K on LAUNCH city for, and for today we look a bit in depth at the elevated trains that ran thru the virtual city.

Originally I did a very low poly simple train car that is seen int he center and right side of the city panoramic, and once we were done with all the sold virtual real estate spaces, we started to address the connections outside each location, and so I enhanced the design of the train car anticipating added space to sell off.

I built this quickly as I had about 3-4 Hrs total to do it, and this was prior to me learning 'SDS'=[Sub Division Surface] modeling, so this is an old school higher poly modeling style I did for fast deadlines.

As a Transportation Design Grad from ACCD[ FA 91'], I love old streamlined style, so this was a dream little design job for me to build out. I also am a huge Vintage Airstream fan so I had the shape language in my brain to get on it fast for this one day project space build out.

I have many posts covering the various locations that we sold off as virtual real estate to advertisers, with all the links below to my prior postings.

Cheers, THOM

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