Friday, May 24, 2013

Project Review Monsters vs. Aliens: 3D Logo Designs 2008-Part III.

 A fun Furry Monster Logo over a green glowing Alien Logo with a nice shiney 'vs done back in 2008 for MVA.

 For this version of the 3D Logo I created for Monsters vs' Aliens back in 2008, I used a scalloped glass effect on the bottom font with a slight back taper to the face with a rounded monster font above.
 We did a few looks that were 'crisper' and more in line with a Sci-Fiction film feel with no serifs in the fonts and a bit more "techno" as they directed us.

 A Nostalgic feel to the font for monsters with a clean modern Alien below.

 Furry over Metal was a strong theme in the various 3D Looks I was tasked with, they liked the pairing of materials.

 A skin texture on the Monster font with a holding device with some glow on it over metal with the green alien glow lighting out from the little "vs".

Another Sci-Fi look in all metals here for MVA.

Project Review
Monsters vs. Aliens.
3D Logo Designs 2008 Part III.

Clients Dreamworks via The Cimarron Group.  
Art Directors(s): Chris A. Hawkins.,Calvin Sumler, and Joseph Stamper.  
Project Date: Fall 2007.

This is PART III covering my 3D Design work I did for the Theatrical Advertising done on Dreamworks 3D animated feature, Monsters vs. Aliens from back in the Late Fall of 2008, and Winter of 2009 while I was the in-house 3D Design Director at The Cimarron Group.

Today I have posted another set of half a dozen 3D Logo looks I created for the Print Departments presentation for the film. I was given a series of vector files from the Art Direction team and some direction.

I was also given a whole lot of open room to interpolate the 2D into the 3D world, so for a few designs I would do three or four versions since a 2D line has endless possibilities beyond a mere extrusion, though they tend to just want something that simple we still show a full range in the presentation to get a good feel for the clients taste.

I did about fifty logos in 2007, and the project went away for two years, so I will have more posts in the future covering these fun little 'toon' styled designs.

You can view my prior posts for PART I here, covering the Theatrical Trailer and Logo, and a series of Print designs like today is posted here for PART II.

You can also see the final 3D Animation of the Title at the front of my MGFX reel work in the right column link.

Cheers, THOM

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