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Project Review DESPICABLE ME 2010 3D Logo Design Explorations PART III

A nice soft font that I tapered and bent once I built it out. A small bit of curve goes a long way on a 'toon' font. 

A Single Point Bevel type treatment with a aqua green reflective foil material . We went warm for the shadows and glow off the back in a complementarity color.

This was fun, a procedural organic texture on a warped and hand bend and turned toon font. 

I likes the Idea of the 'e" in Me having a mathematics feel to it as the main character is a  scientist and they wanted to play on that theme a bit in the logo as well.

A double line logo with a devil cut into the the 'e'. Up-lit for the lower line, and top lit for the upper line of text, all colored with gradient textures applied.

Project Review
3D Logo Design Explorations

Client: Illumination Entertainment via The Cimarron Group.
Art Directors: Rob Russell, Calvin Sumler, Chris A. Hawkins, Joseph Stamper, and Adrienne Burk.
Project Date Spring 2009.
This is my third post covering the work I did on Despicable Me back in 2009 for the first film. I helped create a series of almost three dozen 3D Logo looks I helped develop for our final presentation to the studio. Today in the third posting I have put up a series of more of he happier designs that were less sinister.

"Toon" logos require not just a good font picked by the Creative or Art Directors, but in execution in the 3D world, you must add more softness, and a slight bit of randomness in the 3D build itself, which means a straight bevel or extrude will not suffice, but hand modeling in needed. A slight curve, or bend on the end of a sharp shape does wonders to "toon" it up.

We went with the bright and  happy candy feel as seen in the softer shapes and brighter colors. Also these were all rendered in a bright white environment to overshoot the light effects and get a bit of blowout in the renders. The environment brightness and light direction[ dramatic and heavy angled, or soft focused and centered ]sets the tone. It fights the font shape, or works with it, as this is where you dial in each look in 3D in the mood of the room you view it in. Think a Gallery viewing with a nice pin light in a darkened room, vs' seeing the same thing just sitting in a store.

You can view PART I here with a huge posting of logos.
You can view PART II with more darker logos here.
Cheers, THOM

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