Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Art Center Senior Show from the Fall Trimester of 1991

 Here is the longview on my Senior Show FA 1991 from Art Center in Pasadena CA.

 My show was next to class mate Paul Kirley, and a few classmates were there assisting when I took this pic. I graduated with Doug as well, but Darren was in a grad program[ I believe] and had already graduated.

 My CALTY[ California-Toyota-Design Lab] project form my 7th term.

 A shot of the wall with my Alfa Romeo and Calty flanking the sides.

 Here is my Bubble Car as well as my Telescope Product design I teamed on with Aaron Kahleberg as well as my Motorized Speed skates!

My Art Center Senior Show from the Fall Trimester of 1991

Upon graduation from Transportation Design at ACCD, we get the opportunity to do a Senior show in the main Project Room that we work our clay models up in during the year.

Since our calss was just five folks, we each got a full wall, and the 5th got the center of the room. What you see above is my full wall with four, fifth scale car models I designed and built in school, the Telescope Product Design Model, My Theme Park Vehicle "Sunset", and my Motorized Speedskate project. 

I put up over 100 pieces on the walls as well as 12 sketch books.

We also get to interview with automotive and transportation companies even if we are going in another filed, as I was intent on Entertainment Design since I transferred in 85'. It was a fun process.

I have nine posts for my time at Art Center here is a quick link to them all.

Cheers, THOM

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