Friday, October 21, 2011

Project Review: Cirque Du Soleil-ZED

 The Cirque Du Soleil ZED Logo done in Copper "Tech" with the Japanese character translation below[ this finished]

 The Cirque Du Soleil ZED Logo done in Chrome with some plated metal parts in the surface texture.

 The Cirque Du Soleil ZED Logo done as a smooth SPB chrome look.

Another Cirque Du Soleil ZED Logo done in Copper, this time with a flat face and slight bevel.  

 The glass with stars look to the logo here for an "on Black" presentation.

 I built the main Set Piece from the The Cirque Du Soleil ZED show as well and this finished too.

Project Review
Cirque DU Soleil-ZED
3D Logo and Virtual Set Prop  Illustrations

Client: Cirque Du Soleil via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Joseph Stamper.
Project Date: September-December, 2010.

I worked on a few Cirque projects over the years and this was the last one I did have some part in. I did some single point beveled type for Cimarron for the Cirque show, ZED last year, and I have posted the main examples of what I did for the project.

The logo was designed and done by the client, and they just wanted to take the outline and play with a few looks, so Joseph Stamper converted it over and I went to work.

The show uses copper in the main "Ball Set piece", that I also replicated for the Key Art so we did a few passes with that texture and coloration. I did one glass in space with stars shining thru, as seen above, as well as a few chrome ones. They wanted a retro chrome with the warm to cool exaggerated like a old Chicago album[ remember those!].

I have a few added posts for Cirque on Banana Shpeel, and KA, here, and here.

Cheers, THOM

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