Thursday, October 6, 2011

Personal Project: My Bubble Car Design 1989-2011-PART III -3rd Term Marker and Chalk Rendering 1989

From my final Presentation for Freeman Thomas' class done in Vis Comm taught by Andy Ogden back in the fall of 1989.

An additional view for the the velum marker renders I did of My Bubble Car design at Art Center in 89'.

This was actually done 4th term after the project was done as a paint and marker on Tracing exercise.

Done on Canson as an alternate technique for My Bubble Kar back in the 80's.

 I still have the Tape drawing [ 3-view I did back then[ and it is a bit beat up, but you can see it as it looked in 89' here.

Personal Project
My Bubble Car Design 1989-2011
Part III- 3rd Term Old School
Marker, Prisma, and Chalk Rendering on Velum, 
and Tape Drawing.

This is my third post covering my personal project on My Bubble Car that was started back while I was still at Art Center in Pasadena CA. back in 1989. If you want to view the Bubble Car in it's current 2011 form, you can go here.

Above you will see some hand renders done on Vincent Velum, and Canson Paper for my 3rd term Vis-Comm class taught by the great ACCD Prof Andy Ogden. This class was instrumental in my design training and I was able to develop my technique for my Freeman Thomas Bubble Car project in this class as well.

I also had the privilege of getting some hands on training from the esteemed Craig Mullins in chalk technique just prior to this trimester back at Art Center, and that was used all over these drawings that are near 22 years old now. I developed a few design looks for the project and played on tracing, velum and Canson with different techniques as I learned more on rendering with markers.

You will also see the "Tape Drawing" which is a staple in Automotive Design work getting a good 3-view with  accurate proportions and a Human-Figure[95th percentile] in there to fit it all in correctly.

As a mini side note, my professor Andy Ogden asked during the critique time, what did the car sound like[ he knew I made noises A LOT] so I proceeded with a Jetson's Zoom noise, mixed with some Doppler effect and everyone laughed.

PART I: here

PART II here.

Cheers, THOM

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