Monday, October 31, 2011

Personal Project: The Akira Kaneda Bike: A Re-Visioned redesign 1.0

 Here is the base mock-up pf the bike[ half day] rendered in Quads for massing.

 A front 3/4 view with the massive springer front end on Kanedas Bike prominent in the design.

 A rear 3/4 view pf the Akira Bike Re visioned, showing the single sided swing arm rear area with the shock mount exposed as well.

 A simple side view, a bit high up, of the Akira Bike Re-Visions internal structure.

 The base parts exploded out in this view of the Akira Re-Vision.

Personal Project
Kaneda's Bike for AKIRA
A re visioning Experiment.

Akira holds a close spot for all Art Center Grads like myself, it is a must see film required by all Transportation majors informally in the program. Simply put, it is a masterpiece.

My associate Dean Fowler over at Machine Films, offered me an invitation to join in Project Akira he is on to develop a "what if", from me. Every transportation design major, has envisioned this bike at some point in their career, it is a perfect fun package, with a full recline sit down rocket bike, what could be more fun!

I am an avid biker and after having owned a Ducati, I am a huge fan of using the frame itself as a main focus of the design, not hidden as in the original but much more a Hooligan or 'naked" bike as they call it in motorsports, so that is where I started.

As with all transportation projects, I started with the base 95th percentile male figure, seated him, and built the frame around him to the close proportions of the original adjusting to allow the bike to actually function as a real vehicle, to fit the engine and items needed to ride this beast. 

I am building this out all as an all subdivision surface model, so what you see is the blocking Low-Poly views showing the base design elements from the hyper springer front end, to the tipped V twin 150ci down low, to the single sided swing arm with internal oil tank. 

The finals will be as close to the stylized Photo Real I do for most all my projects

This is just a first post, as I have about a half day into the project, and thought I'd post this early, so I can show regular updates as I revisit the design and you can follow the progress.

        Cheers, THOM

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