Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Review: Green Lantern- Key Art 2010

 The Iconic Lantern for the films One Sheet was designed by someone else, yet I had to replicate it for a Poster alt as show here.

 All rough metal Green Lantern Logo with type and the lantern layered for the client.

 A Green Lantern Title with a holding device plate of bevels metal done in 3D for the Key Art presentations.

 This is an Alt on the above font without the background plate, and I extruded it way back and pulled the end down to exaggerate the forced One-point perspective look they were after.

 The client requested a Generic blurred soft chrome look for the Green Lantern Logo in 3D

 A Green Lantern Logo with a tint of green to the rusted metal plates.

Project Review
Green Lantern 2010
3D Logo exploration for Key Art Presentations

Clinet: via Art Machine A Trailer Park Company.
Art Director Rigel Morrison.
Project Date: December 2010.

This is the frist job I did for Art Machine back about one year ago, for the Superhero flic Green Lantern, currently on Demand now, so I thought I'd post the Logos I did.

This was a relatively short project, and I spent a bit on the Lantern Icon first, as I had to match texture and lighting to someone elses 3D image, and they had no access to the files.

A good portion of the work I do is to "re-do" a logo that existed in a 3D form, yet is not available to us for the alt. Sometimes, like with this, it needed to match very close, but in most cases,  I am given a bit more room to explore, but this was late in the game and the client just wanted an alternate view.

I then jumped to do about ten, or so 3D logos for the film. I have done a few dozen Superhero logos in the recent past, so this is a standard request I get, and with the popularity of Superheros as the source for films, I get a good amount of these fine jobs.

Funny I did Green Hornet and Green Lantern work the dame week!

Cheers, THOM

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