Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project Review: Halloween 8: Resurrection 2002

Here are the first two shots I did with the haunted house I built for Halloween 8.

Here is the last shot I did for a final comp done w/o and lighting coming out the windows and a bit more light showing some details.

I had to build fast so no Sub-D quad modeling here at this time in my 3D development, as this is almost a decade old.

Here is the Virtual-Photoshoot I did with a window boarded up showing Mike Myers.

This is an image of the Geometry for the boarded window in Halloween Resurrection, a fast simple scene with some bent nails.

Project Review
Halloween 8: Resurrection 2002

Client: Dimension Films via BLT and Associates.
Art Director:n/a.
Project Date: Summer 2001-Winter 2002.

Sorry for the late post, I was juggling seven client jobs today, so I am posting a bit late, thank you for your patience today.

I did a bit of 3D set Illustration for the film Halloween 8 back in 2001 while at BLT and Associates in Hollywood doing 3D for the Theatrical Print Posters.

The team needed an iconic old house for a dark comp design, so I quickly built out a house with some volumetric lighting coming out the windows, this was done super fast in about 1.5 Hrs. I then did a higher resolution image of a boarded up window that different cast would put into various scenes of horror. With a 3D asset I can easily take one scene make some quick changes and get a different window with different boards and nails. Once the first is done the second takes 1/10 the time to create. 3D lends itself to iterations and little changes as it stays "a live set" that can be revisited years later as I did doing the Quad renders for the geometry you see here.

Cheers, THOM

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