Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Personal Project: Log Waterbed Design 2007

A 3/4 back view showing the large headboard design from the wall side.

Here is a shot of the final design in a 3/4 front view overhead 3D render.

A Side view of the final design.

Here is the breakdown of parts as it was manufactured in "Lego-Pieces" for delivery and assembly.

Here are the first two versions with a huge log post corner[ too costly], and one with a lot more stiles[ sticks] to emulate the mission or Prairie style in the design[ too costly], so it was modified to what you see both above and below in the photos.

Here is a series of pictures of the final product, built in Idaho and delivered to our home in parts.

Custom Designed Log Waterbed 2007
Project Date: March 2007

I did a whole lot of woodworking in Colorado in Jr and Senior high, including a state renown woodworking program where we were trained at a professional level to be woodworkers, and showcased our work at the state fair in Fort Collins each year. I also was a Cabinet builder for about a year and a half in Tacoma WA, at Choice Showcase and Fixtures building Wisefield Jewelry stores back in the late 80's, so for me to build and or design furniture is very familiar to me.

I am a fan of the Arts and Crafts movement form the early 20th century and I also have a love for log furniture that would be found in the many Craftsman Lodges around, so I sought out a builder who could make me a custom bed based on my 3D Designs as you see above.

I was able to build this design to scale with adjustments made with the vendor I picked to construct it.

The foot board and sides assemble in a jig saw type fashion and all are held together in tension by a few small screws holding the base tight. The bed was designed to be disassembled into about a dozen or so parts.

If you want one, you can go to the site here, tell them I sent Ya!

Cheers, THOM

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