Thursday, January 6, 2011

Personal Work: Automotive Design and Sketching

A toon styled sketch of my favorite car the Porsche Speedster!

A melted VW bug with some squared off stylization.

A new VW Microbus using some design traits from the New Bug.

A free form design using old style proportion and shapes with funky textures and a little Dali influenced flaps on the fenders etc. FUN!

A simple sports car sketch.

I doodle these little Deuce Coupe every week it seems...

Transportation Design and Sketching

As a graduate from Art Centers Transportation program in 1991, it is said we have gas in our veins since we eat drink and sleep cars. So on that note I present some design sketches and cartoony drawings I have done of various existing and fantasy cars. These are a sampling of the many sketches I have done over a number of years from the late 90's to the present.

Even though the bulk of my work is digital modeling and design illustration, I find time to keep limber and sketch cars and such as I can, and as my clients request them.

Cheers, THOM

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