Thursday, September 2, 2010

Project Review: Samsung International Mascot Design

The Final Design for the Samsung Turtle turn around and head details.

The Final Design for the Samsung Turtle posed.

An Early concept for a Panda.

A Concept for a pair of Mascots' a Lion and Lioness.

Sketches for the surfacing of the 3D Duck head.

A Body blocking sketch and IK-Bones placement for 3D rigging of the Character.

A Martial Arts Character for the Seoul Market.

Samsung Mascot Designs

Client: Samsung International via Zen ENtertainment.
Art Director. Myself.
Project Date: Summer 1995.

Back when I was Creative Director at the Studio Zen Entertainment in Santa Monica California in the mid nineties, we had mostly clients from South Korea as out parent company Sei Young/Anitel Aniamtion was located there and was sending us the clients, we did a bit of work for Samsung.

I was tasked with the creation of a small soft and fun animated character that would be done both in traditional ink and paint 2D, as well as a 3D version for the future. I did a few different animals that they could choose from, and they picked the Turtle Character, but the project ended upon delivery of the assets to Seoul.

Cheers, THOM

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