Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project Review: e-Ticket Paris 1997

Iconic Treehouse at highest point in ride.

The "Birdman" on the roof.

A combo design using two cultures with the ancient stone tower and tree-house built around it

The Entryway walk-under tree-house.

An all Tree-house version of the concept.

A simple design early concept with a huge counterweight system that animated during the ride.

A tunnel section over the tracks.

Irian Jaya Tree People

Client: WDI
Art Director: Tom Morris
Project Date: Summer 1997-98

During the 90's I bounced around from company to company doing Theme Park Design. It was a busy time then as it was called "The Theme Park Wars" as every studio was expanding and Universal and Disney were one-upping each other all over the globe, so it was good time to be a show designer.

These sketches represent a concept for a themed E-Ticket high dollar attraction that would go into the Adventureland area in the Paris park next to Indiana Jone. We went with a tree people motif and I designed various temples of rock and wood and icons to represent this huge attraction which basically covered a roller coaster. The project was scrapped as Mr Eisner did not want "An Iron Ride in His Park".

Cheers, THOM

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