Thursday, March 18, 2010

3D Firearms

 Walther PPK [ Old Model] for the 007 Bond Franchise-[2001]

Old West over-under rifle-[2004]

Beretta .38 from Lucky Number Sleven-[2005]

Not actually a firearm, but close-The injector gun from Paycheck-[2002]

M4 Assault Rifle from SWAT AV campaign teaser-[2003]

Desert Eagle .50 Cal from Collateral-[2003]

.38 Special with a pretzel knot in the barrel-[2008]

Exploded views of the .38 Special[ Snub nose]

3D Firearms PART I

Since my first days in 3D illustration I have been building firearms. My first was a Walther PPK for James Bond in the World is not Enough where the theme was Ice, so I built a fully transparent gun with all internal workings.

Since then I have built from scratch about 6-8 firearms with about half being full models with all internals as well. A few are for sale online from my old employer The Cimarron Group.

Cheers, THOM

P.S. You can Link to the .38 Special for sale online by clicking the post title, or paste this text into your browser:

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