Monday, March 15, 2010

Project Review: Carls Jr. TV spot "Buger Alert"

EXT-Burger Alert Tower at Carl's HQ.

INT-Technician Diagnostics's with Light-up "Burger Alert" sign.

INT-Front of GMC van in service bay.

INT-Top view down on GMC van in service area.

INT-View on large Glass Display with multiple "alerts" going on all over the city at lunchtime.


Client: Carl's Jr. via Design Setters
Art Director: ?
Project Date: Fall of 1993.

When I was doing set design and storyboards I traveled to a few Production houses in LA, and Desing Setters did production right out of the set design company in Burbank. I loved working on Design Setters jobs , as they gave me my first job so I have a warmth towards them.

Burger alert was a spot where a group of technicians at an Auto Repair shop diagnostics go off not for the car, but a "Burger Alert" from the Carl's tower. A quick 1 day job th design out all the various vignettes in the spot and the miniature tower model as well. FUN!

Cheers, THOM

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