Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project Review: SIN CITY

Original Sketch for Sin City building Comp's

Bus Shelter Artwork depicting bullet holes in the glass coming from behind the poster

Using the Frank Miller Logo and building the letters out of Architecture

A Sin City manhole cover with a river of blood flowing down the drain

A background for a bus stop bench scene[ logo later added by Chad Robertson for comp]

The main Hell's kitchen building with neon roof-top logo [ #1 selling 3D Model from Cimarron BTW]

The Dark Alley with a torn poster area for credits etc.[ Added later]

The Neon Logo from the Roof-Top re-purposed for a 3D billboard


Client: Dimension Films via The Cimarron Group. Art Director[s]: Calvin Sumler, Joseph Stamper, Chad Robertson Project Date: Winter 2004

Sin City was one of the great projects I look back at being a part of that I enjoyed quite a bit while I was Design Director of the 3D division at Cimarron. I was tasked with building the famous brush script logo from the Frank Miller Graphic Novel to start, and from there the project grew. THough nothing we did was ever used, the experience was grand!

Since this started prior to filming we were not sure if the look was going to be a graphic black and white thing, like the novels, or just dark, so it was decided to do everything full color at night, so the levels could be pushed to emulate a Noir look as well.

I did bus stops, alleys, and man hole covers, along with the "Hells Kitchen" icon building. We experimented with bullet ridden billboards and bus shelters too.

The main reason this project went so well was the facilitation provided to my department from the then head of Theatrical print, Cindy Ruby. Her grasp of how to utilize 3D is exceptional and as I have stated here on this blog before , your advocate is your tie to doing your best work.

Cheers, THOM

P.S.- As a side, my good friend Michael-Paul Terranova won Best of Show for the Jessica Alba Sin City One Sheet that year.

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