Monday, January 4, 2010

Project Review: Ethel M Chocolates

Close-Up of Sleeping Area at front of Movie Presentation

Wide shot of front of theater with desk and sleeping areas present

Theater entry from waiting room outside

Waiting Area "Corner" Design sketch

Various 3D views of the attraction built out in 3D Studio Max 2.0

The Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour

Client: Ethe M Chocolate[ M&M's] via Landmark Entertainment Art Director: Michael Marquez
Project Date: Summer 1998

After completing the design work for the M&M's World attraction for the Vegas strip in 1997, I was moved over to the next project for the company of a themed tour for the factory just outside Vegas. [ see earlier post here: ]

I did both 2D traditional sketching, as well as design using 3D Studio Max. This was one of the first test-bed projects I did using both 2D and 3D techniques to design elements for the Art Director.

The theme picked for the factory was an "Old World Adventure", so the Safari tent with an old train station waiting area was designed out to represent the 1920's. The chairs were modified versions found in Union Station here in Los Angeles. Varoius fun elemnets in the sleeping area and old projector were fun to design and put together. The project was cancelled right before I was laid-0ff and moven over to Walt Disney Imagineering.

Cheers, THOM

Link to the Factory in Henderson NV in post title or paste this text into browser.

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