Friday, January 22, 2010

Personal Project: Craftsman Playhouse

Full Color Render of the raw wood designed Craftsman Playhouse.

A Second Color Render of the raw wood designed Craftsman Playhouse.

Typical Framing Render from the West Side.

Exploded view of First Floor Walls.

Exploded view 2nd Flooring.

Framing for Loft.

Framing showing electrical in walls before siding.

The Arts and Crafts Playhouse.

I was inspired to design a playhouse for my first daughter based on the design of our own 1910 Craftsman home. I did a full 3D model design of the home to scale and produced all the line drawings using the built-in cartoon shader. It is 8' x 11' with 3' as the front porch.

Sadly the cost to build was prohibitive to actually build it at this point, but someday I hope to. We ended up with an Amish built log cabin which I did a full interior myself and had the design customized to be similar to what I designed here. Link below.

Cheers, THOM

Click Post Title to see the Log Cabin Playhouse I had built where I did the full interior myself.
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  1. Just an "I LOVE THIS" post :) well done :)

  2. Carbon,
    Thank you! I have a full 40 page build packet and material list for it ready to go to.
    The build cost for just the exterior with no interior sans framing was $24,000.oo unfinished in 2009! Yikes, it would be a $40-50K playhouse once done, Cool but not in this economy, for me at least...!

    Cheers, THOM

  3. Hello Thom,

    We were looking for a plan for our daughters' playhouse and came across your blog post. Beautiful renderings and plan. Would you be willing to share the 40 page build packet and material list you previously mentioned?

  4. PS. If so, can we discuss price?

  5. Yoav,
    Shoot me an e-mail to discuss, it's linked here on the site on the right "contact me".

    Cheers, THOM