Thursday, November 1, 2012

3D Conceptual Designer Finishes 3rd Year today!

Happy Birthday to 3DConceptual Designer, the Design blog of Thom Schillinger

3D Conceptual Designer
Finishes 3rd Year today!

Today marks the end of my third year running this blog every business day of me being set back into the freelance life.

It has been quite an exciting ride so far, as I have not only been able to bring in a good portion of new clients that were previously off limits due to in-house obligations. It has also allowed me to pursue some outside of my 'bread and butter' type of work in movie posters, namely the creation of a brand new roller skate[ Quads], for the Derby and Speed skating markets as my first product design[ of many].

Thank you to all those who follow my work, and to all those who use my work. Long term looking to relocate outside of California to a cooler climate due to some health restrictions I have in this state, but I hope to keep this blog and my work going moving ahead full steam.

Today as a side I added 33% more 3D assets to my online catalog of sub-division models I sell via Turbo-Squid on the sidebar to the RIGHT.

Hope to see you all here next year as well.

Cheers, THOM

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