Friday, June 10, 2011

Project Review: Virtual Set Illustrations or Virtual Photography PART II

This Virtual Set Image was done for Beyond X-mas DVD release for Creative Director Cheryl Savala at The Cimarron Group in 2003.

A Rooftop for the main Superhero to stand on above the school for Superhero Movie. Previous Work Here, here, and here.

A Large Metal Bank Vault Door Image I made for "Jumper" One Sheet Ideas while at The Cimarron Group.

A low angle on the street in a generic big city done for a one sheet for Yes Man back in 2008. My prior post for 3D Illustrations on Yes Man is here.

An up angle on a Virtual Photoshoot I did for the Home Entertainment group at Cimarron for Art Director Darren Keller.

I did this Virtual Set for Art Director Chris A. Hawkins for a Poster Idea for "Banana Shpeel" for The Cimarron Group. Logos I also did are here.

Behind the Art

Virtual Set Illustration or Virtual Photography

Client(s):20th Century FOX Home Entertainment via The Cimarron Group[Beyond X-mas]
20th Century FOX via The Cimarron Group[ Jumper]
Warner Bros. Pictures via The Cimarron Group[ Yes Man]
My Network TV via The Cimarron Group [Sinners and Saints 2007]
Dimension Films via The Cimarron Group[ Superhero Movie]
Cirque Du Soleil via The Cimarron Group[ Banana Shpeel]
Art Director(s): Calvin Sumler,Chris A. Hawkins, Joseph Stamper, Charyl Savala, and Darren Keller.
Project Date(s): 2003-2009.

This is my second posting on the Virtual Photo shoots I do for my Advertising clients. About half my work consists in this type of deliverable, a Smart 3D asset, where some think that 3D Logos is all I do.

I have posted a few examples from various projects where I needed to create anything from a full vignette of a big city, as I did for YES MAN, and a small building top ledge for Superhero Movie.

Sometimes I can re-use the model from a prior project and adjust the proportions as I did with the big Bank Vault Door I did for the HEAT DVD TV spots, I modified it to fit a Theatrical One Sheet for Jumper comp ideas.

Cheers, THOM

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  1. I’m not so big on being constrained by technical correctness when developing an idea but when working in 3D I’ve found it very helpful to have a tape measure at hand. How high should the railing be? How wide is a manhole cover? Time for the tape measure – just to stretch it out to get a yay big guestimate. It’s too slow to look up real measurements and not necessary in most cases, you’re not an architect. On the other hand just eyeballing it leads to reworking later were figuring out what is out of kilter can be time consuming.

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