Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project Review: Hasbro's Secret Central DVD Advertising 2004

The Locker I built as a backdrop [ virtual set] for the DVD advertising for the Motion Graphic team.

Here is the quad view of the Secret Central Lockers showing the geometry for the doors, frame, and three-piece handle pulls all in a cast pot-metal chrome.

Here is a view with a fish eye lens, and I built one locker to open revealing a 3D Yearbook.

Here is the desk view for a typical classroom backdrop.

Here is the desk view as a quad model showing the geometry construction technique.

Hasbro's Secret Central
DVD Advertising 2004

Client: Hasbro via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Sejal Patel.
Project Date: August 2004.

When I was in-house at The Cimarron Group I did some 3D backdrops for the Motion Graphics department for various Blue Ray, and DVD releases. Most were still images with 2D graphics that would animated over the top done in MGFX, but some were animations. Some were also used in the DVD and Blue-Ray menus as well.

Here I have two of the main sets I built for the ad's: The Locker area in the hallway at the school, and a in the classroom down view on a iconic combo desk chair. The Lockers were brightly colored in a teal / blue green and I built them Poly Sub-D with a turbo-smooth on them to get the higher resolution. I also built the chair in the classroom as a Low Poly smooth-able model as well.

I was in process of switching to full sub-d modeling at the time, so the majority of items in there [ classroom scene] are all high rez, since it takes about half the time to build, and advertising has short deadlines and small budgets, so I go fast as needed for the client.

Cheers, THOM

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