Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project Review: Absolut Vodka "Bot Bar" PART IV

Here is the Fourth Character, Diva, I designed and created emotional states for the Absolut Vodka Bot Bar back in 96'

Here we Diva, In Love and showing the emotion of Hate or disgust!

She is Impressed or Could Care Less, what did you say!!!

Heartache or a Peaked Interest, for "Dive" The Fourth Character Design I created for Absolut in 96'.

Flamein' MAD or Unaware

A simpler Smile and Frown, basic Emotions designed for the Bot Bar.

Absolut Vodka Website
"Bot Bar" Character Design for DIVA!

Client: Absolut Vodka via Troon Ltd.
Art Director: Chris Trages.
Project Date: April 1996

This is my fourth post covering the series of characters or "emodicons" for an online chat room for the website for Absolut that I created back in 1996. I was contracted by the Design Studio in Santa Monica, Troon LTD.

Here we see my designs for "Diva" a female with a strong personality and high emotions. I again referred to the Jack Hamm book on emotions to help create the various looks for these little icons.

I used Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern Show as an influence for the character when at the time her hair was in a similar style back in 96'.

You can view the third character I designed "Rocker" here.

You can see the first character "Manhattan" here.

You can see the second " Trophy" here.

Cheers, THOM

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