Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project Review: Kingdom of Heaven 2005

A Bronze Logo with Filigree cut into the big letters and tarnished.

More Blocked Logo with Filigree bits tarnished Concrete Materials.

Rusted w/Verdigris Filigree and holding device second layer.

Tarnished copper w/Verdigris Filigree ALA "Illuminated" 1st Letters.

Multi Line solution with Filigree applied to all letters.

Single Line solution with Filigree applied and rusted out.

3D Logo Exploration:
Kingdom of Heaven 2005

Client: Twentieth Century FOX-Film Corp.
Art Director(s): Chad Robertson.
Project Date: Summer 2004

Ridley Scotts' newest film in 2004 was Kingdom of Heaven starring Orlando Bloom, and I was tasked with helping to create some 3D Logos. THe direction was eastablished , but they wanted to do some exploration into some "higher valued" logos in 3D.

The movie did not lend itself to shiny big metal logos, but in ornate intricate "Illuminated" manuscrpit-esque' in 3D. I added filigree both applied and carved into the surface of the letters. Lots of textures and rust to age these out was done using procedural dirt shaders in 3D to age the logos.

I was honored to work with the highly talented Chad Robertson, whom I had done many projects from BLT and Cimarron together on with him. FUN!

Cheers, THOM

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