Monday, January 4, 2010

Why you are paying too much for your 3D:Part I

Why you are paying too much for your 3D:Part I

Architecture Analogy Answer-[ Design and building a house ]-
Because you hired a 3D Carpenter[ a modeler] to design your house, and though, he sure can swing that hammer like an expert, but since he has no training in architecture, he "missed a spot" is putting it lightly as to your final product. You hired the "Framer" to design, so expect a framers house. You get what you paid for, or over paid for at the end.

If you are tasking people with no 3D specific design training to design especially in 3D you will pay 5 to 10 times the cost over hiring a 3D Designer. Also 2D designers and Illustrators training is in 2D, and though they approach 3D very differently from a 3D Designer, they also lack training in 3D specific design, which will reveal problems with a 2D approach to 3D. This is why we end up with extruded text logos as the majority of "3D" in MGFX and titles.

Since most 3D Modelers have no design training, only training in the programs as to how to build, they know how to build things well, but they are not formally trained in the following so it will get very costly for you by the end of the project:

Automotive Design.
Product Design.
Environmental Design.
Typography Design.
Visual Communication [ Vis-Com]
Nature of Materials.
Automotive Aerodynamics.
Automotive Engineering.
Theory of Structure.
Clay Modeling.
Foam Modeling.
Plastics and Manufacturing.
Mold making.
Space Planning.
Thematic Design.
Set Design
Interior Design

If that list sounds like the curriculum at Art Center for a Transportation/Product/Environmental Designer, you are right!

Cheers, THOM

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