Saturday, January 16, 2010



Anticipating the arrival of agent "White Hawk" today for a Pit Stop.

I upgraded my Cebas Final Render GI renderer software to Version 3SE which now has the Pyrocluster Program with it that does Particle FX, Smoke, and Cloud FX as well. FR was used in 2012 and this version was tested on the production so it is debugged in a real world setting.
UPDATE: 4:04pm
White Hawk left and all is a GO!
He suggested removing the Drobo share base and using MS drive sharing utility in Windows, and it is now 10 times as fast. I am having a firewire cable shipped so up from USB 2.0 to Fire wire will speed up even more!
Final Render was also updated too to SE3.
We ran a Farm test as well, all went good.

Cheers, THOM

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