Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Digital Color Key

An early test image using the technique to create a Comic Color Key.

My Second Color Key Test

Digital Coloring in the Comic Book Style

Being a huge Comic Book fan I wanted to learn the technique used and made popular in the 1990's by Todd McFarland and J. Scott Campbell in the digital inking of the modern comics.

Having been trained at Art Center in the Transportation program I was well versed in application using markers, so I wanted to learn the "technique" used to create the coloring seen on most comics today.

I purchased a CD tutorial from, that was put together by Brian Haberlin, and the tutorial was well work the $25.oo bucks I paid. Above are two examples I made. using some artwork from the uber talented J. Scott Campbell, whom I indirectly worked with on the GEN-13 film done by Wildstorm Animation Studios in the late 90's.

Cheers, THOM

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