Friday, November 17, 2017

3D Design for Environmental Graphics: Neon Signs, Marquees, Chasing Bulb, and Signage.

A sampling of the 3D Neon, Marquees and Bulb Chasing Designs I have done.[Full Size Here]

3D Design for Environmental Graphics:
Neon Signs, Marquees, Chasing Bulb, and Signage.

I have done thousands of 3D Logos for many applications from Film Posters and trailers, to designing signs for businesses and themed attractions. Today I want to highlight the ample use of Environmental Graphics as a 3D Designer, and the popularity of Neon.

I love old neon signs, the more aged the better, There is a great demand in environment design to create outdoor signage that works in themed applications from Themed Restaurants and Retail, to Them Parks. This work spills over into my bread and butter of doing 3D graphics for Entertainment, with building out a 3D signs or Marquees as a film logo itself.

Earlier this month I was part of a Silver winner for a Clio for the Standee for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, and even though the film logo itself was a block type design, they went with pink neon for the standee.

I love building virtual Neon, I have dozens of examples of them, and I have a large set of parts to work with from clips and hardware that support the tubes, to the rivets and small insulators, down to all materials dialed in for them.

Marquees with the chasing light bulbs exposed on edges and as holding devices also are a staple in my 3D Design work. I love the look and have built out simple spherical balls for lights down to a full detailed light bulb with filament inside, a nipple bulb glass with the base insulator with mounting hardware.

Most of these images have posts in my blog here covering them in detail, so search them out using the Goggle widget search on the TOP LEFT of the menu.

If you need a bid for a Neon Sign Logo Design, contact me.

Blogger reduces the size of the image for full size go here on CG Society.

                      Cheers, THOM

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  1. Your expertise in 3D logo design is truly remarkable! Your focus on environmental graphics and the resurgence of neon showcases a keen understanding of design's evolving landscape. The fusion of aged neon signs with themed environments illustrates your versatility, spanning from themed restaurants to film marquees. Your recent Clio win for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2's standee, opting for pink neon, speaks volumes about your innovation. Your meticulous approach to creating virtual neon, coupled with detailed marquee designs, underscores your dedication to crafting captivating visuals. I'll definitely explore your blog for more insights! Get your neon business signs.