Friday, November 10, 2017

3D Models for Architectural Visualization and Interior Design Part 3 Tables, Cabinets, and Cases

Here is a sampling of the Custom Tables, Cabinets, and Cases I have built in 3D virtually for my Arch-Viz Clients.[Full Size Link]

3D Models
for Architectural Visualization
and Interior Design

Part 3 Tables, Cabinets, and  Cases

Today I am posting the third installment for the Architectural Visualization work I do in building virtual Furnishing for my Arch-Viz clients, and today I am focused on tables, cabinets, and cases.

I was a professional cabinet builder during a hiatus from Art Center up in Tacoma Washington in the late 80's and I am an avid woodworker still, so I live to build in reality and virtually.

These jobs really are great as they stretch me as a designer. Whenever you build another designers work you get a bit inside their head. You start to grasp their sense of proportion and style. At Art Center in Viz-Com we did a similar exercise 3rd term and had to draw the persons design next to us in our style, then theirs. Really is a great way to break out of your safety zone as a designer. It broadens your reach so to speak.

Much of what you see in the above sample image shows that I have done extensive Mid Century Modern work, in which I already had a great love for. Now it's even stronger after building hundreds of classic designs from that era.

I  always deliver these assets as Quad Subdivision models ready to drop into the scenes with mapping and test rendered in a ambient material to check the surfaces for flaws prior to delivery. I can send them as 3DSmax files, OBJ and FBX exports for my various clients in 3DSmax, Maya, and C4D. As sub-D models they are fast to work with until render time as that can be activated and applied at the end of production, to achieve the high resolution needed from the low-rez Pre-Viz asset, to very detailed assets for close ups and all Catalog work.

If you are doing an Architectural Visualization or walk through and need a custom piece of furniture made, please contact me for an estimate from one small 1 Hour piece, to an entire collection.

PART I on Furniture-Chairs is Here.
PART II: Lighting and Electrical is Here.

                               Cheers, THOM

NOTE: Blogger is limiting the file size, so for a full size image from above go here.

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