Monday, November 27, 2017

3D Illustration Finishing: Key Art for Movie Posters, Television Series, Billboards, DVD Packaging, Home Entertainment, Book Covers.

3D Illustration Finishing samples
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3D Illustration Finishing
Key Art for
Movie Posters, Television Series, Billboards,
DVD Packaging, Home Entertainment, Book Covers.

Today I am showcasing my 3D Illustration Finishes I have participated in over a wide range of markets, from Advertising and Packaging to Book Covers Illustration. 3D Illustration is slowly being used more and more in a wide range of media for Key Art replacing pure photography manipulation and traditional 2D illustration. Hybrid use is what primarily is being done, where a small element or a large one is given to a 3D Illustrator to create for an overall 2D Comp for many markets, and photography ad 2D Illustration is mixed in.

3D Design and virtual photography has many advantages for the production and design teams, as well as for the accounting budget, as the asset is easier to manipulate that photography, due to the nature of the creation process involved. I have written about that here and here before.

I recently built a 3D couch for a virtual photo shoot, and with my Virtual 3D Furniture Asset, it can be any shape, design, or material. It can be rendered at any size, and the image is royalty free, fully owned by the client. There are no furniture pieces and accessories to find and rent,  no sound stage to rent or set to build, no camera man and scenic crew to hire, or lights to rent, and the virtual set is never taken down, and can be revised and adjusted years, and in some cases decades later, on a pixel by pixel accuracy that cannot ever be matched with photography.

Cost wise it is extremely difficult to match the price of the 3D asset.

As time goes on as a 3D Illustrator your library of 'parts' gets bigger and bigger, thus economically getting better in price over time for your clients.

3D Illustration still has many hurdles to jump over, even after doing this myself for near two decades, but it is here to stay.

If you have a need for a small prop or 3D Logo, all the way to an entire 3D Environment interior or exterior, please contact me for Freelance, part-time, full-time, Contract or relocation possibilities.

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                                    Cheers, THOM

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