Friday, November 3, 2017

2D Themed Environment Design: Theme Park, Retail, Restaurant, and Virtual Worlds[ Websites, Video Games etc.]

 Here is a sampling of my 2D Design Work sketches for Themed Environments.

2D Themed Environment Design Theme Park, Retail, Restaurants,and Virtual Worlds[ Websites, Video Games etc.]

With decades of 2D design work under my belt I have been privileged to assist in the creation of themed entertainment venues for a variety of clients in my career as a 3D Conceptual Designer. Environmental Design is a part of our training at Art Center when we go into Industrial Design, as we are prepared to interface with professionals of various disciplines to accomplish the themed look for whatever the end use may be.

I have worked for the larger Theme Park companies Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative, as well as Landmark Entertainment Group. I have also been able to work for a few of the boutique studios like Sotto Studios, as well as the application of themed entertainment into retail, especially restaurant thematic design.

This skill set was also called upon for a virtual location for online work with Cyan Worlds up in Spokane WA back in 2000, to develop virtual worlds for the online versions of the popular games them make. I was connected with them while still at Imagineering and brought up to assist with those needs starting with 2D themed concept designs that would be built in 3D with a full architectural team and game team.

Themed design environment creation and Concept Art is also used in TV Animation work for various projects I have been on, including The Phantom 2040, Flash Gordon, and others.

If you have a need for thematic design from as small as freelance work, to a full relocation and full-time work, you can contact me here.

                                                         Cheers, THOM

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