Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Project Review: The Flash 2014-3D Logo Exploration-PART II

 This "The Flash' 3D Logo was done with a mini-bevel in ruby glass, with a neon lip line, and the bolt is a stack of seven glowing objects stacked thru the glass letters.

 This version of the 3D Logo is a revers deep extruded face on a red metal with caustic turned on to get the reflection lighting inside the deep face.

 A matte red material on a heavy bevel, with the deep extrusion, a bit shallower than above, with caustics off for a more simple face detail.

This Flash 3D Logo has a bright polished metal edge with a warm reflection and a red center.
[ deep extrusion ].

 A Glass type version with a brushed stainless face inside inside the heavy bevel on the ruby glass.

This version has a rounded deep bevel with the face pulled back a bit to get a lip on the beveled edge. More matte materials here again with some self-illumination added to increase the brightness.

I flattened back the above logo and added motion blur behind it. I added caustics back to get the various bright spots on the face.

 A knife-edge bevel with the bottom tapered down as it touches the gloss black stage floor. Matte materials here to simplify the look.

 Here is the 3D Logo with a glass lightning bolt to reveal the type thru it, as well as another knife- edge design with an anodized aluminum material applied.

Project Review
The Flash 2014
3D Logo Exploration-PART II

Client: The CW via Leroy and Rose.
Creative Direction: Melchior Lamy.
Project Date: April 2014.

I've been doing work for Leroy and Rose for a bit, so when they called me to do some fast 3D logos for a Superhero property, The Flash, I was on board for a quick one day turn around project. I've done 1000's of 3D logos and many for superhero films, so I was more than ready to go on this, so today I have the second half of the work I did for this property.

Once again, the Flash was redeveloped for TV and the 2D logo design was locked from the client side, so I basically did dimensional versions in 3D.

I was given one day on this gig, so I hustled to create 19 designs in the time frame we were limited to. As will all 2D Logos, there are endless ways to make them 3D, from simple extrusions, bevels and fully modeling the text and bending and curving it.

I did as much as I could in the short one day, and was pleased with the results rendered and delivered.
You can review PART I here.

Cheers, THOM

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