Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project Pitch: The Wolfman 2009: Key Art 3D Title Treatments

Here is the basic main Image we presented for the pitch for The Wolfman back in early 2009.

As a teaser I also did a bit of an extreme angle on the title for this alt.

The main Title I did was done in a blood stone. Very shiny with small pits.

A Darker version with some dark rose reflections in the materials.

A Sterling Silver logo with rend reflected environmentals.

A stone material similar to Twilight with a strong warm to cool light colorization.

A Dark scene done in glass with a bit of red up lighting.

A shot from the Camera view of the final Quad SPB front font sitting on the beveled plate behind it. This is the subdivided view.

The low Poly view with the base 3D hand built title out front.

A 3/4 view on the subdivided model showing the tapered serifs and double plate build.

Project Pitch
The Wolfman 2009
Key Art 3D Title Treatments

Client: N/A This was an internal pitch to get work on the Wolfman Remake.
Art Direction: Myself.
Project Date February 2009.

In my last year in-house at The Cimarron Group in Hollywood I ran a 3D Design Division and would assist with pitches for the various departments for Print and AV[ MGFX-3D], and I was asked to design out some titles for the remake of The Wolfman, so I developed a  look for a 3D design.

The soon-to-be-client had expressed a liking of the 3D version of the Twilight Logos I did so I treated this logo as a Single Point Beveled 3D Logo for the film. 

Once it was built out, I rendered it against an old aged brick wall for a teaser poster, and played around with some material variations on the logo itself.

The front object in this title is all quad subdivision, sitting on a curved beveled holding plate behind it. A straight forward title treatment and a fun exercise. 

We did not end up working on the project but practice like this is always a way to stay fresh and advance your skills.

Cheers, THOM

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