Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3D Stock Model Build Review Old Covered Bridge: Built for online sales 2005.

A Polygon shot inside shows off the open ceiling with all the truss and framing exposed.

 The render of the shot with a wheat field added to the ground object.

A 3/4 side view of the covered bridge shows the p separate walkway for pedestrians as these bridges were very narrow.

 The second full render of the bridge over a dry creek.

A side view render shows the build of the cinder block foundations on each side of the small gully in this polygon ambient render.

The full render with the wheat grass added with the textures to showcase this 3D stock model.

The other side of the bridge has no walkway, just the haphazard boarded up side.

A full render of the other side of this Old Covered Bridge.

A low angle shows the framing underneath the bridge so this is good for animations where you need to go under or thru the model.

A color shot from down by the dried up creek.

An exploded view of the Old Covered Bridge.

3D Stock Model Build Review
Old Covered Bridge: Built for online sales 2005.

Client: The Cimarron Group for Stock 3D Model Sales.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: May 2005.

In '05 I was in-house at The Cimarron Group, and I regularly built out highly detailed 3D Models for sale online, and today I am reviewing a 3D model I made of a Old Covered Bridge.

I love old architecture as seen in the subject matter of my 3D models I sell online, as well as the catalog of 3D models I built for sale by my prior employer as seen here.

I did an Old Barn, so I did this as a companion piece as I was building out a series of old wood structures. I followed the same template I did for the barn and grouped the various parts into sub-sets for easy texture application, and selection, with all boards, and shingles built out as individual parts.

This model is still online for sale by my past employer The Cimarron Group and can be purchased in the 3DS-max native format here, or exported as a 3DS file for other apps here.

I will continue showcasing many of the stock 3D models I have from various companys I have prepared them for in future posts, so enjoy!

Cheers, THOM

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