Monday, April 14, 2014

3D Stock Model Build Review: Parking Meter [Coin Op]built for online sales 2005.

Here is a close render of the Parking Meter 3D Virtual Model I built for online sales.

The wire frame ambient render shows the geometry used in this build.

This shot pulled back shows the model all the way the the collar at the base of the galvanized pipe stand for street placement.

The Geometry render of the full model of an older parking meter[ Pre-Credit Card Models]

An ECU shot on the contrals and time dial on the Parking meter. I built out the text ranter than do it with texture maps as this gives full vector control to the detail level of the shot to the end user.

 The timer dial is covered with a small plex window in the parking meter.

 The street side view without the coin slots and handle has the duplicate time left window for the meter maids, as well as a little place for a city decal for time etc.

 The main body of the meter was the only subdivision object and in this render we see it with two levels of subdivision.

 A closer shot on the parking sign shows the bent corners I added into the file. It is drilled and mounted with the Cap bolt and nut thru the post.

 For the bent corners I used a simple slice modifier on the base object and a FFD to bend the corners out.

 A close up on the payment sidewalk side of the bank lock area below the dials.

 The wire frame shows the build in the type and cut in coin denominations and slots up top.

 An exploded view showing the array of parts I made for this Virtual Parking Meter perfect for close up work in still or MGFX applications.

 An exploded view of the Parking Meter model in Polygon Render to show the build.

3D Stock Model Build Review
Parking Meter [Coin Op]built for online sales 2005.

Client: The Cimarron Group for Stock 3D Model Sales.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: May 2005.

In '05 I was still in-house at The Cimarron Group, and I regularly did both 3D Illustration, as well as 3D Animation for the print and AV division, in which I built out highly detailed 3D Models, and today I am reviewing a 3D model I made of a Parking Meter typical in the USA.

When I started building up a library of parts for sale, I made everyday items that would be seen for most any outdoor city street view render, so you have seen my payphone post from last week, as well as other 3D builds I have made to flesh out my 3D renders, and this model was a higher rez model of a parking meter good for close ups, so I added in details to achieve this.

This too was a modeling challenge as many people have a close up experience with the design so any deviation or shortcut to it will show that it is a virtual model so I attempted to match the parking meter as close as possible.

I had built a parking meter once before a few years earlier that was not as accurate though it almost finished out for How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days or Less here.

This model is still online for sale by my past employer The Cimarron Group and can be purchased in the 3DS-max native format here, or exported as a 3DS file for other apps here.

I will continue showcasing many of the stock 3D models I have from various companys I have prepared them for in future posts, so enjoy!

Cheers, THOM

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