Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project Pitch: Blue Star Pictures 3D Logo exploration 2004

The final 3D version of the Poster Logo done a decade back in 2005.

The black and White alt of the Blue Star logo.

A very simple scene with many parts built out as 2D stretched spheres.

In this side view you can see the plate break the image window plate with floating type out front.

 This 3/4 overhead Birds-eye on the scene shows the relationship of all the parts in the poster.

A view of the original concept 2D art as well as the hand painted sky texture used in the 3D scene.

Project Pitch
Blue Star Pictures
3D Logo exploration 2004.

Client: Pitched Blue Star Pictures via The Cimarron Group
Art Direction: Myself.
Project Date: August 2004.

A decade back I was asked to take a 2D version of a Film Company Logo and go 3D with it to tease the client to come over 'To the Dark Side" and become a client while running the 3D Design Division at The Cimarron Group, so I was off building this simple comp.

A simple fun poster similar to the old deco travel posters and propaganda graphics from the 30's was the theme of the day, so I was to take it into a dimensional world without loosing that feel.
What you see above was presented to the prospective client in full color and B-n-W.
A fun fast 3D dimensional transformation. The original intent was to build it in 3D so it could be animated for Motion Graphics applications as well in 3D.

Cheers, THOM

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