Thursday, May 8, 2014

Project Review: 3D Crown Design for 3D Printed replica for Fabrice Meuwissen Photographe Portrait Toulouse PART-I

In my first delivery I did the crown design in hammered and smooth. in order to do this hammered version I built it out as a quad model added subdivision, and displaced the model with the dents.

Here is the same 3D asset with the displacement removed so it is smooth.

A multi-view render with base dimensions for the prop.

I re-export the STL[ stereolighography] file back into my 3D software to ensure there are no surprises for my clients.

I saved out a small trim ring of the base of this crown 3D design for fitting.

 The final and revised design with notes showing the changes made.

The final STL file with hammered surface remaining.

The final 3D Printed crown faux finished and in use in this great shot provided by Fabrice Meuwissen.

 Another great shot provided by Fabrice Meuwissen showing the crown model used in his Photography.

A beautiful print provided by Fabrice Meuwissen

 A final shot of the 3D Printed crown in use by Fabrice Meuwissen

Project Review
3D Crown Design for 3D Printed replica
 for Fabrice Meuwissen Photographe Portrait Toulouse

Client:Project Review: Fabrice Meuwissen Photographe Portrait Toulouse
Creative Direction: Fabrice Meuwissen.
Project Date: March 2014.

Back in March I was contacted to help create custom props for Fabrice Meuwissen, a Professional Photographer out of France after he saw my work I did for the crowns models for Game of Thrones Season 2.

I was given reference images to get the style desired, and I was off to create a model that was to be printed in 3D.

As a trained Industrial Designer, my schooling prepared me to work in 3D Printing as I am trained in Dimensional Design, Ergonomics,and Manufacturing, so I can design something that will actually work in the real world.

I got base dimension and created a first pass model. Though it was well received, it was costly due to the intricate details especially around the rim that were hollow.

In the revision round, I filled them in as seen above. I also saved out a sizing ring to print a test to ensure it would fit the fashion model before spending the money on the full sized one.

3D Printing also allows the end client to scale at full size of 1 to 1, or 1. 1.1 etc., so bigger and smaller versions can be printed as well.

I will be doing a follow up post with a walk thru the build itself as a tutorial in the future.

Cheers, THOM

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